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Hernessing The Power of Blockchain Technology to Revolutionise The Online Casino Industry

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Blockchain technology has come a long way, and the trustless public ledger afforded by the advent of the blockchain has enabled many online gaming platforms to deliver value to its customers. GENATUM aims to redefine the user experience by ensuring that all online games are brought under the roof of one blockchain platform with ease of play for all stakers, allowing a seamless process that builds trust and confidence, with instant payout of winning upon verification.

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The GENAT Token, XMT is an ERC20 token standard token and it shall be utilized in all game play on the platform, and winning shall be paid out in same. The coin shall be traded on major cryptocurrency exchanges, LIKE KUCOIN, HITBTC, YOBIT AND COINEXCHANGE. The token has a limited fixed amount which is created by an Ethereum contract at point of deployment. The growth in value of the token over time will ensure that all participants enjoy the immediate and future economic gains associated with the platform. GENAT TOKEN, XTM will be used for all economic activity on the platform. Since the supply of GENAT Token, XTM is limited its value is directly proportional to demand.

Features of the Project

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Genatum Provides Cost Efficency

GENATUM will develop a software system which allows a series of offchain transaction processing to complement and esure faster processing times of betting. A series of artificial intelligence protocol, coupled with cryptographic algorithm with unique sign on signature will be utilized for 100% security of the platform.. This can be done by clicking on the GENATUM Servefair button in your game window.

Mobile Devices

The GENATUM Platform shall be deployed on mobile platform, and it will be available on Apple Store, Google play store and any phone running the android operating system.

Safety and Security

Many online betting technologies, including RNG have been shown to be deficient in certain areas of security and fairplay. GENATUM Servefair gaming technology is a technology that provides safeguard to all concerned.

Genatum Platform

GENATUM seeks to create a decentralized online casino that provides solution to most of the issues observed in many online casino. The GENATUM platform utilizes smart contract to automate all games such that they can be verified on the public network and hence trust can be built on it by members of the community. In this way, effectiveness and efficiency is achieved as this would be developed using the secured Ethereum infrastructure.

Assured Liquidity

GENATUM offers a whole world of new experience, enabling for renewed confidence in gambling enthusiast. The GENATUM platform enables the financial requirements to be fully met, ensuring that various parties at different location in the world can bet and play without the need for a central trusted authority. Safety, global betting liquidity and fairness is guaranteed.

Clients Focused Odds

One of the persistent problem in the online betting and gambling industry is that betting odds have more often than not been stacked against the customers. In some instances, the phenomenon of ‘house edge’ has ensured that the operators of the gambling platform have considerable advantage over the betting public. Genatum will eliminate this.

White Paper

The full whitepaper for this project is currently being developed and shall be ready in about 90 days from the date of the publication of the bitcointalk thread. Some of the elements highlighted here for the project will be fully incorporated into the whitepaper.

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